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Past Events

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    Thursday, September 13, Friday, September 14, Saturday September 16

    Visiting Scholar- Dr. Marcelo Cavarozzi, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Argentina

    Tuesday, September 18

    Vida y espacio en La Habana contemporañea: Cuban Documentary Presentation

    Wednesday, September 19

    Café Break Series: Legacies of the Southern History: Power, Politics, and Latinas/os in Arkansas by Dr. Perla M. Guerrero, Assistant Professor, UMCP

    Wednesday, September 19

    LASC Welcome Back Reception

    Thursday, September 25

    Latino Heritage Month Lecture: "The History and Politics of Latino Heritage Month" by Dr. Eduardo Diaz and Dr. Stella Rouse

    Tuesday, October 9

    Latino Heritage Month Lecture: "Stumping and Eating: 'Latino' Voters and 2012 Race to the White House" by Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie, Professor of History and Foodways, Babson College

    Thursday, October 11 - Saturday, October 13

    Colonial Latin American Conference: "Colonial Intersections: Reconsidering the Historical, the Literary, and the Visual Archives" with Dr. Eyda M. Merediz, Associate Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, UMCP and Dr. Alejandro Caneque, Associate Professor of History, UMCP

    Wednesday, October 17

    Café Break Series: "Behind the Protests: Secondary Education and the Job Market in Chile" by Dr. Sergio Urzua, Assistant Professor, UMCP

    Wednesday, October 24

    Lecture-Nancy Morejon

    Thursday, October 25

    Adolfo Lecture

    Wednesday, November 5

    "The Remains of the Name: The Discourse of Egyptology in the Genesis of the Harlem by Robert A. Hill, Professor Emeritus of History, University of California, Los Angeles" by Bobby Hill

    Wednesday, November 7

    Café Break Series: "In Knots: Thinking with and about the Andean String and Knot Recording Device Called the Khipu" by Dr. Katie King, Professor, Women's Studies, UMCP

    Tuesday, November 13

    LASC Report Back

    Wednesday, February 8

    Café Break Series: Mexican activism and the Internet: The case of Movimiento 5 de Junio? by Paola Ricaurte-Quijano

    Friday, February 17

    "Latin American Democracy in 2012" by Prof. Marcelo Cavarozzi, Universidad Nacional de General San Martin (UNSAM), Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Tuesday, February 22

    Lecture Title: Can the Story Be Told? History, Memory, and Fiction in the Representation of Extreme Violence by Carlos Ortega

    Friday, February 24 and Saturday February 25

    Seminar Title: History and Memory of Recent Traumatic Pasts (Chile, Argentina, Spain) by Carlos Pab?n-Ortega

    Monday, March 5

    Josefina Ludmer (co-sponsored with Spanish Dept.)

    Wednesday, March 14

    Café Break Series: "Applied Linguistics in the Spanish-Speaking World: Mapping Out the World

    Wednesday, March 28

    Career and Internship Workshop. Guests: Kate Juhl, Program Director, University Career Center; Leslie Brice (Coordinator National Scholarship Office)


    Wednesday, April 4

    Lecture Title: "Ethnoexodus: Strategic Forgetfulnesses and Flashbacks" by Juan Castillo Cocom

    Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7

    Workshop: "Ethnoexodus: Maya Yucatec Topographic Ruptures" by Juan Castilla Cocom

    Thursday, April 12

    Slaves on the Move: African Biographies in 19th Century Brazil

    Wednesday, April 18

    Café Break Series: "The Face of the City: Pan-Americanism, Border Politics, and Racial Identity in San Diego's Civic Center Sculpture" by Breanne Robertson

    Wednesday, April 25

    Florenica Mallon, A Novel Reading

    Wednesday, September 21

    Café Break Series: “International Networks, Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation in Latin America”, Isabella Alcañiz, Dept Government and Politics

    Wednesday, September 21

    LASC Faculty and Graduate Students Welcome Reception

    Tuesday, October 4

    Hispanic Heritage Month: Forum on the DREAM Act and Education
    Panelists: State Senator Victor Ramirez; Gustavo Andrade, Senior Manager of Organizing, Casa de Maryland; Roberto Juarez, Member, Maryland Dream Youth Committee, and other distinguished guest speakers

    TBA Undergraduate Open House

    Friday, October 14

    Conference: Washington Area Symposium on the History of Latin America (WASHLA)

    Wednesday, October 19

    Café Break Series: "Searching for a Cure for Diseases of the Rubber Tree: Adventures in the Amazon", Priscila Chaverri, Dept. of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture

    Monday, October 31

    “The founding of the Inter-American Commission of Women: Havana, February 1928” Marysa Navarro, Charles Collis Professor of History Emeritus, Darmouth College and Ana Lau Jaiven, Research Professor, Dept. of Politics and Culture, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, Mexico.

    Thursday, November 3 and Friday, November 4

    Graduate Student Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean: Imagining Culture, Past and Present

    Wednesday, November 9

    "Indigenous or Mestizo?: A Comparison of the Trajectories and Local Meanings of Two Andean Musical Genres in Bolivia and Peru." Fernando Rios, Visiting Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology

    Wednesday, November 16

    “Contested Inclusion: Status, Movements, and Transformations of Nationalism" Matthias vom Hau, Assistant Professor, Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals, Barcelona, Spain

    Wednesday, February 9

    Cafe Break Series: "Political Networks, Redistribution, and Elections in Argentina and Chile by Ernesto Calvo, Department of Government and Politics

    Wednesday, March 2

    Cafe Break Series: "Pelez in Paris: The Transatlantic Experience, 1927-40? by Abigail McEwen

    Friday, March 11

    Retreat for LASC Certificate Students

    Tuesday, March 15

    LASC Internship/Career Workshop


    Monday, April 4

    "The AFL-CIO's Cold War in Honduras, 1954-1979: The Conquests, Challenges, and Limits of Imperial Solidarity" by Dana Frank

    Wednesday, April 13, Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15

    Conference: "The Aesthetic of Revolt: Latin America in the 1960s?



    Wednesday, May 4

    Cafe Break Series: "Torture, Love, and the Everyday" by Dr. Clara Han

    Thursday, 9

    Policies, citizenship and LGBT movement in Brazil by Dr. Fernando Texeira Filho

    Wed, 3
    Undergraduate Reception/Open House
    Tue, 9

    "Affirmative Action and Raciel Inequalities in the Lula Era" by Dr. Livio Sansone, Professor of Anthropology and Director of International Program at the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador, Brazil

    Sat, 13

    "Knowledge and Interculturality" by: Guests speakers/discussants

    Friday, 15

    "Graduate Student Summer Grant Recipients Conference" by GS Grant Recipients

    Wednesday- Friday, 20-22

    Reception/Open House

    Friday-Saturday, 29-30

    Nahua Workshop #2: Recent Developments in Nahua Studies by Jim Mafee

    Thursday 16

    Film Screening Title: "Silvestre Pantaleon and Sangre Africanan" by: Joanathan D. Amith and Roberto Olivares

    Thursday - Saturday, 23-25

    Conference Title: “Creating an Archetype: The Influence of the Mexican Revolution in the US” by: Sponsored by NMAH, Smithsonian Institution, LASC-UMD, Mexican Cultural Institute, GWU)

    Wednesday, 29

    Café-Break Series Title: "The Gender of Resistance and the Struggle for Memory: [in the period of military dictatorships of the] Southern Cone, 1964-1989]" by: Cristina Wolff

    Thursday, 30
    Thursday, 11

    Mirrors not Mirages: Media in Indigenous Communities by Roberto Olivares

    Tuesday, 16

    Writing at the Crossroads: Alberto Gerchunoff and the Creation of a Jewish-Latin-American Lettered Tradition by Monica Szurmuk (Co-sponsored with the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies)

    Tuesday, 16

    "Queer Latino Testimonio:  Writing the Self and Community” by Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé (Co-sponsored with LGBT)

    Friday, 26
    Field trip to the Anacostia Musum to the exhibit "The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the Present" Transportation provided by LASC. RSVP lgoulias@umd.edu
    Thursday, 4

    "Racial Animacies" by Mel Chen (Co-sponsored with LGBT) 

    Thursday, 4
    LASC Career Workshop; Come and meet speakers from Dept. of Employment Services, Fulbrights, Public Defenders Office and more.
    Tuesday, 10
    "Mano Súper-dura" e infoentretenimiento: el periodismo como agente de exclusión social” by Marco Lara (this presentation will be in Spanish)
    Thursday, 11
    Camouflaging the State: The Army and the Making of Postrevolutionary Mexico, 1930-1955 by Thomas Rath
    Wednesday, 24
    Violence in the News in Mexico and its Effect on Organized Crime by Ana Avila
    Thursday and Friday 25 & 26
    Fifth Annual Graduate Student Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean
    Thursday, 1

    "The Arts of Christian Coversion: Image, Sound and Sound Indigenous Agency in the formation of Guarani Jesuit Missions" Guillermo Wilde

    Monday, 5
    "The Aftermath of Financial Crises: Global Lessons" LASC Economy and Society Lecture Series; Dr. Carmen Reinhart
    Wednesday, 7

    "‘In the Life' in Black Diaspora: Desire, Autonomy, Community" by Jafari Allen (Co-sponsored with LGBT)

    Thursday, 15
    “After the Declaration: New Challenges for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” Rodolfo Stavenhagen
    Friday, 16
    “Archaeology, National Identity and the Coup in Honduras: the Role of the Ancient Maya” by Dario A. Euraque
    Tuesday 20

    The Social and Visual Histories of Street Vendors in Rio de Janeiro, 1830-1930
    by Patricia Acerbi

    Friday, 23

    "Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries" by Karen Tongson (Co-sponsored with LGBT)

    Friday and Saturday 30 & May 1

    LASC 20th Anniversary Conference: Reconfiguring Latin America: Conversations for the 21st Century
    Presentations by prominent speakers from USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean

    Tuesday 3

    "The Day that Changed My Life Forever:” a Guatemalan torture survivor speaks our on violence, impunity and immigration reform.

    Wednesday 4

    Surviving Gang Land

    Monday 9

    Inter-American Grassroots Development Fellowship Information Session

    Thursday 19

    Café Break Seminar: Popular Royalists and Revolution in Colombia, 1808-1820

    Monday 30

    Film: Poto Mitan

    Tuesday 6

    Café Break Seminar: Building the Nation, Forging the Myths: Antinomies in the Historical Cinema in Argentina and Brazil, 1966-1978

    Wednesday 7

    Welcome Reception/Open House for Undergraduate Students
    Wednesday 7

    Film: Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness

    Thursday 8

    Latino/as and Media

    Friday 16

    Interpreting 500 Years of Panamanian History

    Wednesday 28

    Café Break Seminar: Whose National Anthem? Clotilde Arias’ Translation of the Star Spangled Banner

    Wednesday 23
    Welcome Reception for Faculty and Graduate Students
    Wednesday 30

    Cafe Break Seminar Series: "A Wise Latina Avant a Lettre: The Story of Graciela Nemes"

    Fri 1 &
    Sat 2
    Thu, 2
    Fri, 3
    Tue, 21
    “Jesuit Art in Seventeenth-Century Quito: Weaving Sacred and Local Narratives.” by Dr. Carmen Fernandez-Salvador
    Wed, 22
    Brownbag Lecture
    Identity, Ideology, and Social change in Colonial and Contemporary Indigenous Mexico: Thoughts from a book in progress
    Wed, 4
    Mon, 2
    Brownbag Lecture
    Housing Development: Housing Policy, Slums, and Squatter Settlements in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, 1948-1973

    Fri 27&
    Sat 28

    Thu, 19
    Wed, 10
    Fri, 21
    Thu, 13
    Borges and the Kabbalah: Seeking Access
    Saúl Sosnowski in conversation with Mirta Kupeferminc
    Wed, 12
    Sandra Cypess, NEW 'STAGES' FOR MOTHERS IN ARGENTINA - From Politics to Theatrics
    Tue, 11
    Film: Nueve Reinas/Nine Queens
    Tue, 11
    Judith Freidenberg, Immigration and National Identity in Argentina; Memoirs of Villa Clara.
    Mon, 10
    Ines Pousadela, Mutations of Political Representation in Contemporary Argentina
    Thu, 30 to Fri, 31
    Fri, 10
    Wed, 8
    Mon, 22 to Fri, 26
    Mon, 19
    Mon, 24
    Thu, 24
    Mon, 21
    Thu, 17
    Wed, 5
    Tue, 4
    Thu, 21
    Wed, 20
    Thu, 14
    Tue, 13
    Wed, 24 to Thu, 25
    Mon, 17
    Mon, 17
    Thu, 6
    Thu, 24
    Mon, 30
    Tue, 24
    Mon, 12
    Thu, 8

    "Women in Latin America"
    by Dr. Egleé Zent

    Fri, 9

    "Experimenting with Conflict Resolution in a Polarized Venezuela"
    by Dr. Edy Kaufman

    Tue, 28 to Wed, 29
    Tue, 28
    Mon, 13
    Mon, 13
    Tue, 07
    Tue, 05
    Tue, 28
    Thu, 14
    Fiction Reading by Pia Barros
    Fri, 25
    Play: Anansespeak by Carivision theatre group
    Mon, 22
    Publication: "Latin American Studies Center News" Volume XIV, Issue 2 - Spring 2006
    Thu, 4 to Fri, 5
    "Second Latin American and the Caribbean Graduate Conference" by the Latin American Studies Center
    Thu, 4
    Thu, 13, Thu, 20, & Thu, 27
    Wed, 19
    Poetry: Poesía con "Diana Bellessi"
    Thu, 9
    Thu, 23
    Wed, 30
    Tue, 15
    "Poetry of the Southern Cone, Chile in this case. “Gonzalo Rojas mira a Roberto Matta” by Dr. Soledad Bianchi
    Mon, 7
    Wed, 19
    Mon, 5
    Lecture: "La parte por todo el mundo: Metonimias del cuerpo en la diáspora. El caso colombiano," by Prof. Carmen Millán de Benavides.
    Wed, 28
    Lecture: "De sentimentalidades y peruanidad en la poesía de Blanca Varela" by Prof. Silvia Bermúdez.
    Tue, 9
    Lecture: "Is the Crisis in Colombia Manageable" by Cynthia Arnson.

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