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Current Lasc Courses Previous Lasc Courses Certificate in Latin American Studies Study Abroad

Current LASC Courses

Summer 2015


Art and Sexuality in Latin America (Summer Session 1) (LASC448X)

Latin Americans have historically used transgressive art and literature to critique and resist gender and sexual norms. Focusing on Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and Nicaragua, this interdisciplinary course will examine contemporary and historical portrayals of sexuality and non-normative gender through the lenses of film, visual art, literature, and music.

Study Abroad

Brazilian Amazon: Environmental Conservation and Indigenous Peoples (6 credits) (LASC448F and LASC448G)

Topics in Regional Geography: The Southern Caribbean (GEOG328C/LASC369C)

Fall 2015


Issues in Latin American Studies I (LASC234)

Issues in Latin American Studies I (LASC234H)

History of Colonial Latin America (LASC250 / HIST250)

Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (LASC458)


Undergraduate Courses

Latin American Studies

Cannibals, Savages and Carnivalization: the Making of Brazilian Culture (LASC248C / PORT228C)

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Amazon Ecosystem (LASC248E / PORT228i)

Race in Latin America (LASC348i / HIST329i)

Aztec Culture: Human Sacrifice and Conquest (LASC448J)

Conservation and Indigenous People in South America (LASC448L / ANTH468L)

Amazon through Film (LASC448Q / ANTH468D)

African American Studies

African American and Latino Social, Cultural and Political Relations: 1940 to Present (AASP498O)

American Studies and U.S. Latina/o Studies

Cultural Themes in America; The Multiracial Experience in the US (AMST418W) 

Latinas/os on the Silver Screen (AMST498G / USLT498A)

Citizens, Immigrants, and Refugees (AMST498N / USLT498i)

The Diversifying U.S.: Globalization, Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees (AMST498O / USLT498K)

U.S. Latina/o Studies I: An Historical Overview to the 1960’s (USLT201)


Anthropology and Immigration (ANTH264)

Art History & Archeology

Art and Society in the Modern American World (ARTH255)

Latin American Art and Archaeology before 1500 (ARTH370)


U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture (ENGL235)

Recovering Oral Histories: Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain (ENGL261 / ENGL361)

Literature by Women of Color; Caribbean Literature by Women (ENGL448A)


Latin America (GEOG423)

Government and Politics

Government and Politics of Latin America (GVPT482)


"Forging the Tortilla Curtain": US-Mexican Borderlands History (HIST328A) 


Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World (SPAN303)

Latin American Literatures and Cultures I: From Pre-Columbian to Colonial Times (SPAN361)

Latin American Literature and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism (SPAN363)

Mexican Politics in Literature and Film (SPAN408C)

Home, Homeland and be/longings in U.S. Latina/o Texts (SPAN408K)


Graduate Courses

Seminar in Latin American Art and Archaeology (ARTH768B)

Seminar in Latin American History (HIST829A)

Open Seminar; Passengers in Transit: Territoriality and Memory in Post-Authoritarian Chilean and Argentine Narratives (SPAN798C)


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