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Current LASC Courses



I. LASC Required Courses

LASC235 Issues in Latin American Studies II (Britta Anderson)

LASC251 Latin America Since Independence (Karin Rosemblatt)

LASC458B Capstone: Social Justice and Public Art : Policing Gender, Race, and Citizenship (Britta Anderson)




ANTH 468I and ANTH 6881 Language as Practice (Brazil, Amazonian) (Janet Chernela)

ANTH463 Anthropological Perspectives on Health Disparities in the United States (and Latino immigration) (Christina Getrich)

ANTH 468 Amazonia through Film (Janet Chernela)

African American Studies

AASP398G Selected Topics in the African Diaspora; Gender, Labor, and Racial Identity in Diaspora Communities (Sharon Harley)

Latin American Studies

LASC286 or 486 Internship in Latin American/Caribbean Studies (Laurie Frederik)

LASC348E (ENGL362) Caribbean Literature (Merle Collins)

LASC448B Social Justice and Public Art: Policing Gender, Race, and Citizenship *also Capstone option as 458B (Britta Anderson)

LASC448K (HIST 419L) Postcolonialism (James Maffie)

LASC448Q (ANTH462) Amazon Through Film (Janet Chernela)

American Studies and U.S Latina/o Studies

AMST498M Latinas/os and U.S. Popular Culture (Robert Chester)

AMST498K Indigenous Thought in the Americas (James Maffie)

USLT202 US Latina/o Studies II: A Contemporary Overview 1960's to present (Perla Guerrero)

USLT219A Special Topics in Latina/o Studies; Introduction to Immigration and Migration Studies (Nancy Mirabal)

USLT498C US Latina/o Studies: Special Topics; Race and Nation in U.S. Cinema (Robert Chester)

Art History and Archeology

ARTH370 Latin American Art and Archaeology before 1500 (Beryl Bland)

Comparative Literature

CMLT235 Black Diaspora Literature and Culture (Delisa Hawkes)


ENGL358E Transgression and Experimentation in Latinx Literature (Sharada Balachandran Orihuela)

ENGL361 Recovering Oral Histories: Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain (Merle Collins)


GEOG413 Migration: Latin America and the United States (Ronald Luna)

Government and Politics

GVPT482 Government and Politics of Latin America (Isabella Alcaniz)

GVPT459H Seminar in Comparative Politics: Tweeting Political Crises (Ernesto Calvo)


HIST328I Jews in Latin America (Daniel Richter)

HIST 419L (LASC448K) Postcolonialism (James Maffie)

HIST473 History of the Caribbean (David Sartorius)


SPAN362 Latin American Literatures and Cultures II: From Independence to Nation Formation (Laura Demaria)

SPAN363 Latin American Literatures and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism (Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia, Saul Sosnowski)

SPAN408O Guita/Lucas/Mangos: Reflections on Money, Markets and Value (Laura Demaria)

SPAN408Q Literature, Art, and Film for Millennials: The Digital Don Quixote (Hernan Sanchez)

SPAN408T  Detective Fiction in Latin America (Ryan Long)

SPAN408W Paradise Lost: Cuban Cinematic Culture (Eyda Merediz)

SPAN408X The Usable Past: Reflecting on Archives in Contemporary Fictions and Films from the Southern Cone (Eyda Merediz)

SPAN478A Spanish and Spanish-Speaking Communities in the US (Manel Lacorte)


PORT378 Brazilian Cinema (Regina Igel)

PORT228C - Cannibals, Savages and Carnivalization: The Making of Brazilian National Culture (Thayse Lima).





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