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Current LASC Courses

Fall 2015


Issues in Latin American Studies I (LASC234)

Issues in Latin American Studies I (LASC234H)

History of Colonial Latin America (LASC250 / HIST250)

Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (LASC458)


Undergraduate Courses

Latin American Studies

Cannibals, Savages and Carnivalization: the Making of Brazilian Culture (LASC248C / PORT228C)

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Amazon Ecosystem (LASC248E / PORT228i)

Race in Latin America (LASC348i / HIST329i)

Recovering Oral Histories: Caribbean and Latin American Communities in the USA and Britain (LASC348R / ENGL361)

Caribbean Literature by Women (LASC448A / ENGL448A)

Aztec Culture: Human Sacrifice and Conquest (LASC448J)

Conservation and Indigenous People in South America (LASC448L / ANTH468L)

Amazon through Film (LASC448Q / ANTH468D)

African American Studies

African American and Latino Social, Cultural and Political Relations: 1940 to Present (AASP498O)

American Studies and U.S. Latina/o Studies

Cultural Themes in America; The Multiracial Experience in the US (AMST418W) 

Latinas/os on the Silver Screen (AMST498G / USLT498A)

Citizens, Immigrants, and Refugees (AMST498N / USLT498i)

U.S. Latina/o Studies I: An Historical Overview to the 1960’s (USLT201)


Anthropology and Immigration (ANTH264)

Art History & Archeology

Art and Society in the Modern American World (ARTH255)

Latin American Art and Archaeology before 1500 (ARTH370)


U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture (ENGL235)


Latin America (GEOG423)

Government and Politics

Government and Politics of Latin America (GVPT482)


"Forging the Tortilla Curtain": US-Mexican Borderlands History (HIST328A) 


Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World (SPAN303)

Latin American Literatures and Cultures I: From Pre-Columbian to Colonial Times (SPAN361)

Latin American Literature and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism (SPAN363)

Mexican Politics in Literature and Film (SPAN408C)

Home, Homeland and be/longings in U.S. Latina/o Texts (SPAN408K)


Graduate Courses

Seminar in Latin American Art and Archaeology (ARTH768B)

Seminar in Latin American History (HIST829A)

Open Seminar; Passengers in Transit: Territoriality and Memory in Post-Authoritarian Chilean and Argentine Narratives (SPAN798C)

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