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Certificate in Latin American Studies

Undergraduate Certificate Program in Latin American Studies
The Latin American Studies Center offers a multidisciplinary certificate program in Latin American Studies. This Program is open to all UM undergraduates in any major with an interest in International Studies and Latin America.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American Studies consists of 21 credits. Students must take four required courses as shown, plus three electives within their areas of interest. In addition, all students must demonstrate competence in either Spanish or Portuguese.

Required Courses (12 credits):
LASC 234 - Issues in Latin American Studies I (3 credits)
LASC 235 - Issues in Latin American Studies II (3 credits)
LASC 250 or LASC 251- Latin American History I or II (3 credits)
LASC 458 - Senior Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (3 credits)

Electives (9 credits):
To complete the certificate students must also select three elected courses (9 credits) with Latin American-related content from at least two different departments. Six of the nine credits must be at the 300 and/or 400 levels.

Foreign Language Requirement:
All certificate students must demonstrate competency in either Spanish or Portuguese. Competency may be proven with a grade of C or better in an Intermediate level course (PORT 203, SPAN 201) or higher. Native speakers of Spanish or Portuguese, or those students who have had extensive experience in these languages, should consult with the Latin American Studies advisor.

LASC Certificate Advisor:
Dr. Laurie Frederik
2147 Taliaferro Hall

Certificate Advising Form


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