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The biannual LASC newsletter provides the university community with timely information on current scholarship on Latin America. introductions to a range of campus initiatives related to the region, announcements for events sponsored by the Center, and various contributions by the Center's diverse group of affiliated professors.

Working paper series

  • "Issues on Culture, Democracy and Development"
  • "Latin American Studies", public lectures delivered at College Park by visiting Fellows: "Rockefeller Humanities Resident Fellow 1989-90" and "Working Papers (1996-2001)"
  • "Discovering the Americas": papers on the cultural, social, and economic, aspects inherent in the encounter that began in 1492 (complete sets are available from LASC).


LASC conferences have provided the material for several books on the repression of culture and the role culture plays in the re-democratization of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The latest publication, A Culture for Democracy in Latin America is a compilation of selected papers and communications that were presented at Romance Languages and Linguistic Communities in the United States, which took place at the University of Maryland in October, 2000.
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