LASC provides a variety of interdisciplinary courses at the undergraduate level about the histories, cultures, and peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, including transnational migrations in and beyond the region. LASC also offers undergraduate students focused faculty mentorship, as well as opportunities in community engagement and professional intern/externships with area institutions.

The Undergraduate Certificate strengthens the intellectual breadth and depth of Maryland students, especially those majoring in fields that have been identified as possessing particular importance for the State of Maryland, such as STEAM, multilingualism, multicultural education, healthcare, and sustainability. The Certificate nurtures a globally-conscious citizenry and grows a well-trained, professional workforce prepared to succeed in areas such as international business and finance, marketing, communications and marketing, ecological and environmental studies, government and diplomacy, law, development, education, literary arts and cultural expression.

The Latin American Studies Certificate program and its extracurricular events help attract a highly diverse student body to the University of Maryland, and attract an equally diverse faculty who are singularly active in developing and promoting campus diversity. LASC functions as a dynamic and supportive community, in which each participant (undergraduate, graduate student, faculty, staff, public) is a crucial component of the whole.

LASC is also firmly devoted to furthering a network of graduate student researchers and graduate education and supporting their work, since MA and PhD candidates are current and future educators for UMD and elsewhere. In addition to the annual student research conference open to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni, LASC offers dissertation/thesis chapter-writing workshops, speaking and teaching opportunities, and grants for preliminary research in Latin America and the Caribbean.