LASC offers a two-semester core in Latin American studies as well as a variety of 200-400 level courses on Latin America and the Caribbean, taught in English and Spanish. Topics include: social movements, governance and politics, civil society, labor, gender, sexuality, literature, artistic performance, ethnicity, religion, philosophy, migration, and transnationalism. The undergraduate curriculum encourages competency in Spanish or Portuguese and promotes an awareness of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity on campus and throughout the Americas.

LASC Certificate Requirements

Issues in Latin American Studies I (LASC234)
Britta Anderson
This course will introduce contemporary issues in Latin America through the themes of “space” and “construction.” Throughout the semester, we will examine the construction of space and the way that spatial relationships organize power. We will explore the stories told through physical buildings and geographic spaces, such as cathedrals in Mexico, monuments in Venezuela, schools in Cuba, and favelas in Brazil. We will also approach the theme of “construction” by exploring race, ethnicity, gender, and even the idea of Latin America as socially constructed concepts that vary in different contexts. Through this lens, and with the help of our course readings, lectures, and discussions, we will examine the themes of sacred space, rural struggles, urban inequality, and state violence. In addition, we will analyze primary texts as narrative constructions, by thinking critically about who gets to tell the story of Latin America and the goals of each author.

Issues in Latin American Studies II (LASC235)
Britta Anderson
Latin America is a region characterized by diverse, dynamic movements, from migration and physical movement to mass mobilizations and social movements. In this course, we will examine the forces that both motivate and restrict movement in Latin America. Central questions of the course include: How do groups of people mobilize around common goals or experiences of oppression, and what obstacles do they face? What symbols facilitate collective movement, from the Andean Wiphala to the scarves worn by the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo or the Zapatistas, and how do these symbols themselves move between contexts? How do patterns of migration relate to political movements? Readings and discussion will focus on groups mobilized around indigenous rights, environmental protection, religion, labor, and women’s rights, as well as on experiences of migration.

History of Colonial Latin America (LASC250)
David Sartorius
Introductory survey of the history of Latin America from pre-Columbian Indian cultures to the beginning of the wars for independence (ca. 1810), covering cultural, political, social, and economic developments. Major themes include conquest, colonialism, indigenous culture, African slavery, religion, race and ethnicity, and gender ideologies.


Latin America Since Independence (LASC251)
Karin Rosemblatt
Introductory survey of the history of Latin America from the era of independence (c. 1810-1825) through the early 1980s. Major themes include independence and sovereignty, postcolonialism and neocolonialism, nation- and state-building, liberalism, citizenship, economic development and modernization, social organization and stratification, race and ethnicity, gender relations, identity politics, reform and revolution, authoritarianism and democratization, and inter-American relations.

Senior Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (LASC458)
Laurie Frederik
Students pursue independent research topics of their own choosing, and produce a 25-page original research paper. The topic can be drawn from any part of Latin America and the Caribbean that is particularly exciting to each student. Students learn research techniques from various disciplines through visiting professors and professionals. They work closely with the LASC instructor and with each other.

LASC Certificate Electives

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Gender, Labor, and Racial Identity in Diaspora Communities (AASP398G)
Sharon Harley
Special Topics in Black Culture; African American and Latino Social, Cultural and Political Relations: 1940 to Present (AASP498O)
Jason Nichols

(AMST298Q)Selected Topics in American Studies; U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture
Sharada Balanchandran Orihuela

(AMST428D) (ANTH433)American Cultural Eras; Archaeology of Slavery: Classical, Caribbean and North American Context
Mark Leone

(AMST498C)US Latina/o Studies: Special Topics; Race and Nation in U.S. Cinema
Robert Chester

(AMST498N/USLT498I)U.S. Latina/o Studies: Citizens, Immigrants, and Refugees
Perla Guerrero

(USLT201)U.S. Latina/o Studies I: A Historical Overview to the 1960s
Perla Guerrero

(USLT319A)U.S. Latina/o; Afro-Latinx Diasporas
Nancy Mirabal

(USLT498D)U.S. Latina/o Studies: Special Topics; Central American and the United States: Culture, Politics, and Community
Robert Chester

Immigration Policy, Immigrant Lives (ANTH264)
Christina Getrich

Anthropology of Im/migration and Health (ANTH411/ANTH611)
Christina Getrich

Archaelogogy of Slavery: Classical, Caribbean and North American Contexts (ANTH433)
Mark Leone

Language as Practice (ANTH461)
Janet Chernela

Amazon Through film (ANTH462)
Janet Chernela

Amazon through Film (ANTH468D) Janet Chernela

Modern Latin American Art to 1945 (ARTH372)
Abigail McEwen

Colloquium in Art History; Mexican Muralism: Nation, Race, Revolution (ARTH488B)
Abigail McEwen

(CMLT235)Black Diaspora Literature and Culture

(CMLT277)Literatures of the Americas
Delisa Hawkes

(CMLT277)Topics in Comparative Studies; Contemporary Latina/o Literature (CMLT277)
Randy Ontiveros

Literatures of the Americas (CMLT277)
Delisa Hawkes

(ENGL235/AMST298Q) U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture (ENGL235/AMST298Q)
Sharada Balachandran Orihuela
(ENGL362)Caribbean Literature in English Also offered as LASC348E
Merle Collins
(ENGL448A) Literature by Women of Color; Caribbean Literature by Women
Merle Collins

Latin America (GEOG423)
Ronald Luna

Special Topics in International Ethic, Conflict, and Immigration (GVPT205S)
Richard Boyd

Government and Politics of Latin America (GVPT482)
Isabella Alcaniz

Colonial in Latin America- Also offered as: LASC250 (HIST250)
David Sartorius

Forging the Tortilla Curtain: US-Mexico Borderlands History, 1800-Present (HIST328A)
Chantel Rodriguez

Selected Topics in History; Inventing the New World (HIST328O)
Alejandro Caneque

Race in Latin America (HIST329I)
Karin Rosemblatt

Transnational Blackness in the Americas (HIST477)
David Sartorius

Race and Ethnicity in the Americas (HIST 639I)
Karin Rosemblatt

The Caribbean Amidst the Global: Interrogating Issues of Pirates and Piracy (HONR228J)
Dorith Grant-Wisdom

New York City and the American Dream (HONR239B)
Ingrid Satelmajer

United States Immigration Issues (HONR268L)
Dorith Grant-Wisdom

(LASC286/486)Internship in Latin American/Caribbean Studies
(LASC348E/ENGL362)Caribbean Literature in English (LASC348E/ENGL362)
(LASC448J)The Aztecs: Human Sacrifice and Conquest
(LASC234) Issues in Latin American Studies I - Also offered as: SPAN234, PORT234
(LASC234H) Issues in Latin American Studies -Also offered as: SPAN234, PORT234.
(LASC250) History of Colonial Latin America- Also offered as: HIST250.
(LASC458) Senior Capstone Course in Latin American Studies

Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World (SPAN303)
Hernan Sanchez, Ryan Long

Spanish for the Professional: Spanish in the Community (SPAN359B)
Ana Rodriguez

Latin American Literatures and Cultures I: From Pre-Columbian to Colonial Times (SPAN361)

Latin American Literatures and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism (SPAN363)
Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia , Saul Sosnowski

Prison Narratives in the Americas (SPAN408P)
Ryan Long

Central American Diasporas (SPAN408R)
Ana Rodriguez

Special Topic in Latin American Civilization: Caribbean Beach (SPAN448F)
Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia

U.S. Latino Cultures; Spanish in the U.S. (SPAN478B)
Manel Lacorte

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics I: Basic Concepts (SPAN625)

Special Topics in Brazilian Studies (PORT388C)
Regina Igel