Annual Student Conference

Every year, the students of LASC host a conference featuring panels of graduate and undergraduate students as well as important keynote speakers from the various communities that make up Latin American Studies. Below is information on the upcoming and past conferences. Click on the image to take you to the main conference page for even more information.

QUEER/CUIR AMÉRICAS: Rebels, Counternarratives, Solidarities

Although it defies a single definition, QUEER is an identity, an approach, and a politics. Queering implies alternative action and shifting ideology. Queers may stand outside, beyond, or on the edge of institutions. Queer bodies are often unwieldy, moving against normative ways of being in the world. They question history, social structures, and cultural expectations, organizing their lives through unconventional schedules and routes. “Queer” and “Cuir” are understood in different ways by distinct populations, and thus may be mobilized in unexpected contexts. Through this conference, we seek to foster interdisciplinary dialogues on the queer/cuir currents that flow into, within, and from Latin America.

We approach our inquiry into the Queer Américas through the themes of rebels, counternarratives, and solidarities, and invite conference contributions that reflect these concepts. REBELS encourage us to oppose power and the official stories that come from authorities. They push us to create new stories, imagine possible futures, and shape alternative histories, or COUNTERNARRATIVES in our everyday lives. We look to Latin American histories of rebellion for models of SOLIDARITY, strategies for taking collective action across difference. Envisioning forms of coalition-building that are both local and transnational, and include all who exist outside a dominant majority, our conference theme embraces a hemispheric view of the Americas.

The conference features a keynote panel with scholars, community members, artists, and activists. It includes graduate and undergraduate student research panels and sessions offering different ways of exchanging ideas. We will provide innovative formats to reimagine the conventional conference session structure as a means of not only addressing queer as a topic, but in order to queer the conference itself.

For more information about the conference:

May 3-4, 2018 - Queer/Cuir Americas: Rebels, Counternarratives, Solidarities

Past Conferences

May 4-5, 2017 - Sanctuary, Refuge, Oasis

May 5-6, 2016 - Hybridity: Examining Processes of Circulation, Collaboration, and Conflict

May 1, 2015 - Making Home: Central American Transnational Communities