Examining Processes of Circulation, Collaboration, and Conflict

May 5-6, 2016

Special Events Room 6137
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland, College Park, MD


The hybrid (híbrido, hybride, ibrid) as concept, phenomenon, and category of analysis encourages us to consider processes of mixture, and transgression; of boundaries, their construction and contestation; of exclusive and inclusive cultural practices and ways of thinking. A focus on hybridity makes especially visible processes from which certain social groups have been excluded; how these groups negotiate inclusion; and how they may form new spaces altogether. The world is and always has been connected through the constant movement of ideas, discourses, politics, and new technologies. Of special consideration for this conference is the movement of bodies that are inspired to discover new territories and ways of being. The drive to move and reinvent is a fundamental human trait. We invite participants to explore what happens when individuals and groups of people confront each other and how they choose to react, whether in conflict or in collaboration. We are interested in the processes that lead to either continued alliance or forceful struggle.


Thursday, May 5


LASC director’s welcome
Dr. Laurie Frederik

Panel One: Power of Markets and Policy Making
Romina de Costa, UMD (Higher Education and Special Education), “Navigating Regulatory Spaces in the For-Profit Provision of Higher Education: A Case Study of Laureate International Universities in Brazil”
Oliver Horn, Georgetown (History), "From Development to Law-and-Order: The Nixon Administration’s Reformulation of U.S. Foreign Aid to Colombia"
Hannah Rice, Brown University (Hispanic Studies), “Cities upon a Hill: Favela Tourism and Whitening in Rio de Janeiro”
Jacqueline Rocha Lima Medeiros, Universidade Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Art), “Lina Bo Bardi: Politics, Arts, Economy, and Social Issues”

Q&A and Discussion

Panel Two: Strategic Images of Gender and Sexuality
Julie Tervala, UMD (History, LASC), “‘Securing a Healthy and Vigorous Descent’: The Idea of Eugenic Motherhood in Virginia and Veracruz, 1910-1945”
Paris Starn, Bard College (Art History), “Art in the Convent of Santa Monica Puebla 1680-1830: Proving the Nuns Passion for Christ, Proper Practices, and their Right to Write”
Emily Bello-Pardo, American University (Political Science), “Gay Rights, Abortion, and Cannabis: Uruguay's liberal public policies under the Frente Amplio”
Lorena Diaz, UMD (Government & Politics, LASC), "Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Brazil”
Cara Snyder, UMD (Women’s Studies), “From Athlete to Eye-Candy: Tracing the Shifts in Brazilian Women’s Soccer”

Q&A and Discussion


Pre-Conference Workshop

Reception and Argentine Tango Lesson
with Daniela Bulansky, UMD (Spanish)

Friday, May 6

Check-in, Bagels, and Coffee

LASC director’s welcome
Dr. Laurie Frederik

Panel Three: Educating Youth and Struggles for Inclusion
Stephanie Hall, UMD (International Education Policy), “Empty Promises? The Results of Brazil's National Education Plan”
Matthew Aruch and Emily Colon, UMD (International Education Policy / Anthropology), “Education for Sustainable Development: Partnerships and Program Outcomes in a Short-Term Study Abroad Program to the Brazilian Amazon”
Cameron Busacca, UMD (International Education Policy), “Educating the Street Children of Latin America”

Q&A and Discussion

Panel Four: Discourses of Identity and Resistance
Alicia Zamora, Harvard College (Latin American History and Literature), “Transnational Mestizajes: Race, Place, and the Political in Vasconcelos’ La raza cósmica and Anzaldúa’s Borderlands”
Julian Moreno, UMD (History, LASC), “Civilizing the Indio: Discourses of Insurgency during the Tupac Amaru Rebellion”
Tyler Draughon, UMD (Spanish, LASC), "Assimilation vs. Autonomy: the Evolution of Indigeneity in Modern-Day Ecuador"
Sabena Kull, Delaware (Art History), “Tradition, Transmission, and Transformation of the Child Virgin Spinning in Viceregal Peru”
Arturo Zepeda, California State University (History), “Afro-Costa Rican Representation within a National Identity of Whiteness; The Cultural Exclusion of Blackness in Costa Rica”

Q&A and Discussion

Break and Lunch

Dr. Merle Collins, UMD (English)
Dr. Benjamin Cowan, George Mason (History and Art History)
Dr. Scott Freeman, American University (Anthropology, International Service)
Dr. Paul Miller, Vanderbilt (French and Italian)
Dr. Joanne Rappaport, Georgetown University (Anthropology)


Panel Five: Negotiating Latino Citizenship
Mary Ashleigh Bondoc, UMD (Spanish, LASC), “Mexican-American Cultural Identity and Perception in the Midwestern United States”
Celia Greene, George Washington (Anthropology), “Brazilian Religion and Daily Life in a Transnational Space: Perspectives from Anthropology”
Tiffany Virgin, Georgetown (Latin American Studies), “Latino Gangs and the Concept of Citizenship: The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs of Southern California”
Victor Hernández-Sang, UMD (Ethnomusicology), “‘All Are Welcome in Our Band:’ Pan-Latino and Inclusive Social Cohorts in Washington, DC’s Latin (American Popular Dance) Music Scene”

Q&A and Discussion

Panel Six: Rhythmic Remixes and Sonic Movements
Cae Joseph Massena, UMD (French), “A Genealogy of ‘Vocal Women:’ A Listening of Marie-Vieux Chauvet’s Dance on the Volcano”
Emily Masucci, UMD (Anthropology), “Swag and Solidarity: An Analysis of Contemporary Indigenous Hip-Hop in Latin America”
Kate Spanos, UMD (Theatre and Performance Studies), “Rhythms of the Black and Green in Montserrat’s Masquerade Dance”

Q&A and Discussion

Exhibitions - Art and Performance
Victor Hernández-Sang, UMD (Ethnomusicology) – drumming
Eloy Areu, UMD (Art) – paintings
Algo Bueno Desperdiciado (Something Good Wasted), oil painting; Brujeria (Santeria), painted cast aluminum; and Ventana al Mar o Espejo de mi Niñez? (Window to the Sea or Mirror of my Childhood?), acrylic and collage painting
Closing Reception
Join us for live Brazilian music with DC Choro, a dance demonstration, and artisan beers crafted especially for the Latin American Studies Center by Olive & O’Higgins Brewing Company