Recent Events

Recent Events


Series Talk on Race and Society: Historicizing and Conceptualizing Race in Latin America and the Caribbean
Thursday, November 12, 2020
LASC hosted a conversation on historicizing and conceptualizing race in Latin America and the Caribbean. We had the honor to invite Dr. Silvio Torres-Saillant - from Syracuse University that focused on Race in Hispaniola (Haiti / Dominican Republic), Dr. Kathleen López - Rutgers that presented on Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Dr. Patricia Pinho - UC Santa Cruz, on Whiteness and Brazil's Reactionary Wave.

Day of the Dead in Latin America and the Caribbean
Thursday, October 29, 2020
LASC invited Ph.D. students Keisha Allan and Marco Juarez Cruz from Comparative Literature and Art History that examined the divergent cultural configurations of the Day of the Dead in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also known as ‘Dia de los Muertos,’ ‘All Saints' Day,’ ‘All Souls' Day,’ or the ‘Festival of Fete Gede,’ the day is dedicated to remembering the ancestors. The LASC community discussed and engaged in a comparative analysis of El Dia de los Muertos, examining how colonial, historical, and cultural factors impact the day of remembrance. In doing so the community shared their local experiences and examined what celebrations have in common that took place in the Latin America and the Caribbean. The audience also had the opportunity to build a virtual altar.

Series Talk on Race and Society:
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
LASC organized a conversation that focused on Interrogating Race and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean. We had presenters from Latin America and the United States. The presenters belong to Afro-Latino organizations and communities in Colombia and Argentina.


Job Talk Postdoctoral Associate Presentation Dr. Cara K. Snyder
Thursday, December 5, 2019
Dr. Cara K. Snyder presented a conversation of the culturally rightward turn in Brazil. Furthermore, how women and LGBT+ athletes use soccer as a form of politics by other means.

Envisioning Justice: A Celebration of Teaching and Learning at LASC
Thursday, December 5, 2019
LASC undergrad students enrolled in the certificate and minor program, presented their capstone research and internships that explored the theme of justice in Latin American Studies. In addition, graduate students who mentored undergraduates through the research process presented their mentorship statements.

Rehearsing Revolution and Counterrevolution during Latin America's Cold War
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
LASC displayed a presentation by Dr. Katherine Zien, an associate professor in the English Department at McGill University. Dr. Zien spoke about research on the history of US military training of Latin American soldiers during the Cold War, and specifically the use of performance techniques in these training regimes. The talk helped form part of a larger project examining performance and inter-American military exchanges during Latin America’s Cold War.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Event
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
LASC hosted its annual Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) event. It was a night filled with ofrendas and creativity. Hot cocoa and pan dulce was served as we listened to a presentation by Marco Polo Juarez Cruz titled, “Raising the Underworld: The Cultural Syncretism in the Day of the Dead.” And we ended the night with arts and crafts.

Brown Bag - Translating Haitian Literature in the Wake of Disaster - Nathan Dize
Oct 16, 2019 - 1:00 –2:00 PM
H.J. Patterson 4118
We welcomed LASC alumnus, Nathan H. Dize, a PhD Candidate in the Department of French and Italian at Vanderbilt University, where he specialized in Haitian literature and history. He is a content curator, translator, and editor of the digital history project “A Colony in Crisis: The Saint-Domingue Grain Shortage of 1789.”. He also co-edited the “Haiti in Translation” interview series for Haiti. He has published articles in the Journal of Haitian Studies, Francoshpères, sx archipelagos, and the Journal of Haitian History.

Brazilian Film Screening: Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro)
Sept 25, 2019, 6:00 to 8:00 PM
H.J. Patterson Global Crossroads Atrium
In the spirit of La Vida Es Un Carnaval: Latinx Heritage Month! LASC presented a Brazillian film screening of Black Orpheus. A 1959 film directed by Marcel Camus, winner of both the Academy Award for best foreign-language film and the Cannes Film Festival. The film sets the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in the twentieth-century slums of Rio de Janeiro during the madness of a Carnival. The film was praised for its spectacular visuals, lush music, and portrayal of Afro-Brazilian characters. Popcorn and refreshments were served and a Q and A followed after the film.

First Look Fair
September 11 -12, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
McKeldin Mall
LASC promoted and conversed with several students regarding the Minor and Certificate Program during the annual First Look Fair. The LASC table attracted students and provided them with useful knowledge regarding Latin America and the Caribbean with trivia. Students were also thrilled about the raffle that was conducted.

Open House Welcome Dr. Merle Collins
September 4, 2019, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
H.J. Patterson 4th floor
The LASC community welcomed our new director, Dr. Merle Collins. It was an event filled with laughter, unity, and joy.


Huracan, Tormenta, Storn: Winds of Change
May 2-3, 2019
H.J. Patterson, 2124
LASC students, staff and faculty come together annually to organize for the center’s annual conference. This year (2019) the theme was: Huracan, Tormenta, Storm: Winds of Change. The featured presenter, keynote speakers and student presentations were centered on the ways in which movements – social, migratory, religious, intellectual, artistic and environmental – work as winds of change.

Brown Bag –Dr. Ana Cristina Santos Matos Rocha
April 16, 2019
H.J. 2124,
In this presentation, Dr. Ana Cristina Santos Matos Rocha examined the efforts that foster international understanding between the United States and Brazil in the interwar periods and the renewal of the education system in Brazil in the 1930’s.

LASC 30th Anniversary
April 2, 2019
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium,
During this event, LASC celebrated its 30th anniversary. For three decades LASC has promoted and built a community of students and faculty who learn and actively engage in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx history and culture. LASC also celebrated our past directors' years of service and heard about their visions for the future of Latin American Studies at the University of Maryland.

Braceros: Photograph Exhibition
March 5, 2019
4112 H.J. Patterson,
LASC organized a Photograph Exhibition called "Braceros" by the Hermanos Mayo in Collaboration with Dr. Ryan Long, Spanish and Portuguese Department, Archivos Generales de la Nación (Mexico), Year of Immigration, and Pepsi. The Exhibition was available up until May 5, 2019.

Open House Spring 2019
February 14, 2019
4112 H.J. Patterson,
Students, faculty, and staff gathered to learn about our New Undergraduate Professional Minor.

Llevate Mis Amores: Film Screening
November 14, 2018
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium
In celebration of International Education week, LASC and The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) screened “Llevate Mis Amores” (All of Me), a documentary that tells the stories of the women who live in La Patrona, a Mexican village situated by the tracks of a train from Central America that brings many migrants North to the U.S.

Dia de los muertos / Day of the Dead (Todos los Santos)
October 25, 2018
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium
Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a tradition in which people honor and remember their ancestors. It is celebrated in Mexico and some other areas of Latin America. This year (2018), the Latin American Studies Center dedicated an altar to fallen immigrants. LASC served hot cocoa (champurrado) and pan dulce pastries, while we built an altar for our loved ones who have passed away. Students, faculty and staff were invited to bring photos of their deceased loved ones to place on the altar. Guests participated in a collective kite (barriletes) making activity , a traditional art practice in various Guatemalan communities to celebrate Todos los Santos. The Workshop was led by Artsphere and Creative Unrest.

LASC Residents' Presentations
October 18, 2018
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium
As our LASC Residents are entering the job market, LASC organized an event for the residents to present in the presence of faculty members who can offer feedback on how to shape their presentations into competitive job talks.

Graduate Open House
October 3, 2018
H.J. Patterson 4112
The focus of the event was to welcome a new cohort of grad students and share the experiences of other grad students in the Latin American Study Center and at the University of Maryland.

Voces sin Fronteras: Local Teens' Immigration Stories
October 2, 2018
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium
Local teen immigrant authors joined us for a conversation about their recently published bilingual graphic memoir collection. This event celebrated the self-illustrated graphic memoirs by teen immigrants from Central America and the Caribbean. Books were available for purchase.

Vote, Voice, and Future: Brazil's 2018 Elections
September 27, 2018
H.J. Patterson, Global Crossroads Atrium
The Brazilian electoral campaign of 2018 arose among political scandals, arrested politicians, lava-jato investigations, and the impeachment of the last president, Dilma Rousseff. The result of this political turmoil and economic crisis was a campaign with unclear proposals, unexpected alliances between parties, and uncertainty about the future. LASC offered a space for debating these issues with political scientist Dr. Fernando Gutz, anthropologist Dr. Caue Kruger, and journalist and PhD student Daniel Trielli.

First Look Fair
September 14, 2018
McKeldin Mall
LASC manned an informational table to advertise and promote its Center and Certificate Program during the yearly First Look Fair held for incoming students.


Cafe con LASC
H.J. Patterson Atrium
Every other week, LASC organized a writing space to support undergraduate and graduate students in their writing goals.

Ceremonia de Clausura de LASC and Internship Presentations
May 8 ,2018
H.J. Patterson Atrium
Internship students each gave a 10-minute presentation on their experience as interns. This was followed by a graduation ceremony. LASC celebrated the accomplishments of our 2018 graduating LASC certificate class and heard about the experiences of our five students who completed LASC internships.

Annual Student Conference: Queer Americas
May 3-4,2018
H.J. Patterson Atrium
The conference featured a keynote panel with scholars, community members, artists, and activists. It included graduate and undergraduate student research panels and sessions offering different ways of exchanging ideas. We provided innovative formats to re-imagine the conventional conference session structure as a means of not only addressing queer as a topic, but in order to queer the conference itself.

Maryland Day 2018 (the 20th anniversary)
April 28,2018
Mckeldin Mall
LASC participated in Maryland Day by testing students’ knowledge about Latin America and the Caribbean. They also learned some fun facts in these six categories: pop culture, history, geography, sports, politics, and wild card.

Pride Month and Film Screening
April 19, 5pm-7:30pm
H.J. Patterson Atrium
In recognition of Pride Month 2018’s theme of BETWEEN/BEYOND, LASC presented The Shape of Water, a film’s depiction of love between humans and non-humans, and celebrated the queer possibilities beyond normative understandings of intimacy and resistance.

Queer Theory Workshop
April 4, 3pm-5:30pm
H.J. Patterson 4112
Dr. Britta Anderson presented a workshop on queer theory to undergraduate and graduate students who participate in the 2018 annual student conference. We discussed articles by our keynote speakers, and generated a list of questions to ask them at the conference. The event followed a conference meeting with the committee members.

Professional Pathways for Latin American Studies Students Panel Discussion
March 28, 4:30pm-6:30pm
H.J. Patterson Atrium
As part of our renewed focus on career preparation, the Latin American Studies Center at UMD planned a panel discussion for students to learn about career options related to Latin America.

LASC Certificate Recruitment Open House
Feb 14, 3-5 PM
H.J. Patterson 4112
Students interested in Latin America and the Caribbean were invited to learn about how they could enhance their degree with a certificate in Latin American studies.

Queer Theory Workshop
December 5, 6pm-8:30pm
H.J. Patterson 4112
Professor Ivan Ramos led a queer theory workshop, to help prepare our graduate committee for our Queer Americas conference.

Film Screening – Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho
November 9, 6pm-8:30pm
H.J. Patterson Atrium
Film Screening – Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho. Leonardo is a blind teenager searching for independence. His everyday life, the relationship with his best friend, Giovana, and the way he sees the world change completely with the arrival of Gabriel.


Día de los Muertos Altar Building Event
October 24, 4–6pm
H.J. Patterson Atrium
Students learned about the history of Day of the Dead in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, they warmed up with Mexican hot cocoa (champurrado), watched a demonstration of its preparation, and enjoyed pan dulce pastries. They also learned about the practice of altar building, helped to create an altar, and made their own paper marigold flowers (cempasuchil) and colorful flags (papel picado).


Puerto Rico: The Politics of Catastrophe
October 25, 1:30pm-2:30pm
H.J. Patterson 4112
Dr. Pabon discussed the aftermath and consequences of the destruction produced by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, in the context of the structural, financial, economic, and political crisis that has been taking place in this Caribbean Island during the last few decades.


Barriga Llena, Corazón Contento: A Taste of Latin America
October 11, 4-6pm
H.J. Patterson Atrium
"Barriga Llena, Corazón Contento: A Taste of Latin America" explored the cultural and emotional meanings behind Latin American cooking. The event included aguas frescas and a food sampling with recipes and information from a range of Latin American countries. We had a discussion about culturally relevant nutrition education and the many meanings we attach to food. We invited all members of the UMD community to come taste new and beloved foods.


Screening and discussion of “Brazil: A Racial Paradise?” from the “Black in Latin America” Documentary Series
October 5pm-6pm
H.J. Patterson, Room 2114-2118
34 undergrad and graduate students joined us for a discussion on racial dynamics in Brazil and on campus.


House Warming Reception
September 26, 5pm-7pm
H.J. Patterson 4th Floor
Terrapino launch, celebrated new space and Dr. Frederik’s contributions to LASC.


First Look Fair
September 13-14, 9pm-3:30pm
McKeldin Mall
LASC manned an informational table to advertise and promote its Center and Certificate Program during the yearly First Look Fair held for incoming students.


Playback Theatre Workshop
June 7, 7pm-8:30pm
The Clarice Smith Center
Members of District Community Playback Theatre and Cuban actor and director, Isnoel Yanes, demonstrated a "Playback" - an interactive form of true storytelling and improvisational theater, which originated from 30 years ago and now has a worldwide presence. The theme for this show was: Cross-Cultural Conversations (but all stories were welcome).


OPEN MIC - What is YOUR sanctuary?
May 4, 8pm-9pm
H.J Patterson (1st Floor Atrium)
Students shared true stories, statements, manifestos, poems and songs about the spaces, communities and experiences that provide sanctuary, refuge, and oasis on campus and beyond.


Sanctuary, Refuge, Oasis - 2017 Annual LASC Student Conference
May 4-5, 4pm-6:30PM
Special Events Room, 6137 Mckeldin Library
The Conference invited participants to explore elements of the theme (Sanctuary, Refuge, Oasis) through concepts, practices, and problems in Latin America, the Caribbean, and among Latin Americans and Latina/o/x living in the United States or anywhere else in the world.


Maryland Day 2017
April 29, 10am- 4pm
ARHU Tent, McKeldin Mall


Public Art and Social Changes Murals, Graffiti, and Performance
April 27, 2pm-3:15pm
H.J Patterson (1st Floor Atrium)
Students learned about the history of murals in Washington, D.C. with Dr. Perry Frank, who has been documenting local murals for over 20 years. Students also had the chance to speak with PG County graffiti artist and arts organizer Cory Stowers, and with Mallory Nezam about her guerrilla performance collective and the use of performance to disrupt segregation.


Dr. Britta Anderson: Alternative Possible Worlds Fantasy in U.S.-Mexico Border Art
April 13, 5pm- 6:30pm
Dr. Britta Anderson explored the role of fantasy and movement in contemporary U.S.-Mexico border murals and narratives. She discussed the limitations and possibilities of fantasy, deployed through visual and literary mediums, in envisioning alternatives to the border’s militarized infrastructure.


Cuba Conference
March 10, 10am – 7pm
Knight Hall, Eaton Theatre
This conference discussed culture and politics on the island through history and through the current moment of supposed “opening” and “normalization.” Participants discussed the traffic of ideas surrounding these questions. Live Cuban music followed this academic event.


Film Screening: Even the Rain
February 28, 6:00 PM
As a director and his crew shoot a controversial film about conquest in Cochabamba, Bolivia, local people rise up against plans to privatize the water supply


Dialogue with LASC Staff, and Welcome to Eric Tomala
February 15, 3pm –5pm
2120 Francis Scott Key (Merrill Room)
LASC had "un compartir" - a dialogue to welcome to our new Coordinator, Eric Tomalá.


Lanzamiento (Launch of El Terrapino) & Holiday Party
December 7, 3pm – 4:pm
St. Mary’s Hall
The Latin American Studies Center held a party to launch "El Terrapino" - LASC’s annual magazine - and to celebrate the end of the semester and the holidays.


The World of Lucha Libre: Talk by Dr. Heather Levi
October 24, 2:30pm-4pm
Cafritz Theatre, The Clarice Smith Center
Dr. Heather Levi discussed her book, "The World of Lucha Libre: Secrets, Revelations, and Mexican National Identity" – a compelling insider’s account of the popular Mexican form of professional wrestling.


Book Sale & Happy Hour
October 5, 3pm- 5pm
Latin American Studies Center, UMD
LASC held a Book Sale & Happy Hour this fall. Many Undergraduates, Grads, and Faculty stopped by for good conversation, a drink, and some great books.


Fall 2016 Welcome Reception: Britta Anderson
September 27, 3pm- 5pm
Francis Scott Key Hall
Fall Welcome Reception, which introduced LASC's new Postdoctoral Associate, Dr. Britta Anderson, who talked with us about her research.


First Look Fair
September 14-15, 10am –3pm
McKeldin Mall
LASC manned an informational table to advertise and promote its Center and Certificate Program during the yearly First Look Fair held for incoming students.



LASC Student Conference
May 5-6
Pre-conference workshop and opening reception:
May 5, 3300 Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (Faculty Lounge)
Conference, keynote panel, and closing reception:
May 6, 6137 McKeldin Library (Special Events Room)
Graduate and advanced undergraduate students were once again invited to present their work on Latin American and the Caribbean at this year’s (2016) student conference, with the theme “Híbridos: Examining Process of Circulation, Collaboration, and Conflict.”


LASC at Maryland Day 2016
April 30
Argentine Tango and Cuban Danzón - Music/Dance Performance and Talk
1:45-2:45 pm, Cafritz Foundation Theatre, Clarice Smith Center
Collaboration: Latin American Studies Center, School of Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies, School of Music
Trivia, Photo Booth & Informational Table
ARHU Tent, McKeldin Mall
Students tested their knowledge and learned fun facts about Latin America in these categories: pop culture, history, geography, sports and leisure, and wild card. If they guessed correctly they won a prize. They posed in front of a Latin American scene and later found their pictures on the center's Facebook page.


¡Peña! LASC Spoken Word, Slam Poetry, and Storytelling Open Mic Night
April 20, 7:00- 9:00 pm
Prince George's Room, Stamp
The Latin American Studies Center featured slam poetry, storytelling, testimony, and other forms of spoken word. Performers were invited to take the mic and speak to the UMD audience about their diverse identities, cultures, visions, struggles, and collaborations.
With Dr. Jason Nichols from the Department of African American Studies as MC. Snacks and refreshments were served.


Café Break Talk: Exploring the Blackness of Afro-Latinidad
April 13, 3:30-5:00 pm
2110 Taliaferro Hall
Dr. Jason Nichols- African American Studies, UMD
Dr. Jason Nichols explored Blackness as a racial construct and looked at how Afro-Latinidad is situated within existing theoretical frameworks. The idea of Afro-Latinidades as "plural identities was examined.


Café Break Talk: Unfurling Western Notions of Nature and Amerindian Alternatives: Perspectives from the Amazon
March 28, 3:30-5:00 pm
2120 Francis Scott Key (Merril Room)
Dr. Eglee Zent, Etnoecologist, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research


Graduate Student Research Workshop
Tuesday, March 8, 2-3:30pm
2110 Taliaferro Hall
Nathan Dize’s master’s thesis, “The Drama of History: Representation and Revolutionaries in Haitian Theater, 1818-1907,” was discussed and analyzed. His study is a re-reading of several Haitian playwrights who have been historically dismissed by historians, anthologists, and literary critics for ostensibly mimicking French literary conventions, having grandiose poetic visions, or “misrepresenting” Haitian history.


Latin American Studies Center Holiday Reception
December 10, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Multipurpose Room, St. Mary’s Hall
A chance for LASC faculty, students, and friends to unwind and catch up with Latin American wine and finger foods to celebrate the end of the semester.


Graduate Student Research Workshop: Papers in progress about Latin America and the Caribbean
October 19, 4:00pm – 6:00pm
2108 Taliaferro Hall
Graduate students with research projects concerning Latin America and the Caribbean were invited to open feedback workshops and discussions.


Music Fest & Fall Reception
September 23, 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Cafritz Theater, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, the Latin American Studies Center hosted an evening of music featuring the groups: DC Choro, Grupo Etnia, Potomac Quinteto de Vientos, and the Maryland Latin Dance Club.


First Look Fair
September 16-17, 10am – 4pm
McKeldin Mall
LASC manned an informational table to advertise and promote its Center and Certificate Program during the yearly First Look Fair held for incoming students.