Academic Talks, Panels, and Conferences

Invited speakers by UMD and visiting professors and scholars are intended to share research and relevant experiences with students, faculty, and the public. They encourage academic networking and interaction across disciplines and expose students to work being done in other institutions. Some of these events in the history of LASC include midday “Café Breaks,” guest lectures in LASC classes, and keynote discussion panels.

Annual Student Conference: Until 2015, a graduate student conference, but now also includes undergraduate capstone students, LASC alumni, and artist exhibitions. The first LASC conference occurred in 1995.

Special Topics Conferences: Special Topics Conferences: LASC has also organized and hosted a variety of conferences over the years with special topics. The scholars that presented were from the University of Maryland and other international institutions.

Cultural Events and Artistic Performances

LASC sponsored and organized events expose students, faculty, and staff to cultural expressions, political ideologies and policies, economic struggles, and social movements of Latin American and Caribbean countries, and provide spaces for students and faculty to discuss how these cultures relate directly to populations at the university and transnationally. Events also serve to provide public exposure for LASC, which increases student recruitment, university support, and potentially private support as well. One of LASC’s goals is to promote cultural, linguistic, racial, and ethnic diversity at UMD, and to encourage students to interact and to learn from each other.