Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center

Undergraduate Certificate and Minor Programs

The certificate and minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies are a 21-credit and 15-credit program respectively, designed to explore Latin American and Caribbean cultures, democracy, governance, civil society, labor, gender, art, literature, ethnicity, and migration. The certificate is a research-based program, which requires a 3-credit capstone course during your senior year (offered only in the Fall). The minor focuses on a professional path by requiring the completion of a 3-credit internship in a prestigious local and/or international organization (during the Spring or Fall semesters).

El Boletín

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Graduate Certificate Program

The program is 12 credits, consisting of nine credits of core courses and three credits of electives. All students will take a 3-credit colloquium across three semesters (1 credit per semester), a 3-credit praxis course focused on research or experiential learning, and a 3-credit Perspectives on Latin America the Caribbean course. Students will also take a 3-credit elective course chosen from a list of courses offered by a variety of departments and programs, including but not limited to African-American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, English, Geographical Studies, Government and Politics, History, Latin American Studies, the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and Latina/o Studies.